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Off-Camera flash photography

This week we will be looking at off-camera flash equipment, set-up, and techniques for directing models.

Using your flashgun away from your camera isn’t that hard, and the results can be great. A dedicated flashgun (rather than a built-in flash) brings more power and creative options, with many of these external units allowing you to rotate the flash head and bounce the light off walls and ceilings.

This spreads the beam and produces more natural-looking results. However, a flashgun mounted on the camera’s hotshoe can still leave you with uninspiring, flat lighting.

It also causes problems if you hold the camera vertically; the light will either come from the right or (more likely) the left of the picture, casting a shadow across the rest of the frame.

For the ultimate control of your flash lighting – whether you want to subtly blend the flash with existing light or make it more directional and dramatic – you’ll need to get it away from the camera.

This evening you will learn how to do just that - and see the results. Our very own Adrian Wheeler will explain everything you need to know about how to take control of lighting.



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Guest Speaker - Greg Matthews