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POTY - Round 2

Round 2 is here... and the tension is mounting!  As are the photographers obviously.... Actually that's not true, because Round 2 is PDI only.  


It's also an Open round - so no theme, enter what you like.

Remember -regardless of who wins POTY outright in both novice and advanced categories, there are prizes of Amazon vouchers to be won in every round.


Usual rules apply -

  • PDIs must be sized to a maximum of 1400px (length) x 1050px (height).  
  • PDIs must be submitted as JPEGs.  
  • PDIs must be labelled as follows:
  • BPIC_POTYR2_<Title of image>_<photographer’s name>_category (advanced/novice)
  • For example: BPIC_POTYR2_FanadLighthouse_BMaguire_Advanced
  • PDIs must be submitted to by 8.00pm the Tuesday before the selection takes place.