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NIPA Round 1 Selection (Open) - Judged by Billy Leahey

The first of five NIPA rounds in the inter-club competition.

Between September and March the NI Photographic Association (NIPA) organises a series of five inter-club competitions. Four mono prints, four colour prints and four Projected Digital image entries are invited for submission from all member clubs/societies. Two of the rounds have a theme or a topic and the remaining three rounds are open.  A panel of three judges score the images and the top images are given a "Star". All images are then displayed at the NIPA Display and Adjudication evenings. 

This first round is an 'open' round - which basically means what it says on the tin - anything goes! There is no theme and no specific genre.  

This evening is when we in BPIC select the images that will go forward to represent the club at the inter-club competition.

Judging takes place on the night and entries from club members will be displayed in 'Novice' and 'Advanced' categories, with colour prints, mono prints, and a PDI (Projected Digital Image) section.

 Not 'Our Billy'.

Not 'Our Billy'.

Rumours have been circulating that the RPS has introduced random drug testing for performance enhancing drug-taking by participants in NIPA rounds.... we don't think it's true but members should refrain from drinking Lucozade for at least two weeks prior to this evening - just in case.

Tonight's judge is our very own Billy Leahey - be prepared for Billy's "shooting from the hip" critique!

Billy appears to be unusually camera-shy as, despite his eminence within NI photography circles for many years, a Google image search for his picture was largely fruitless.  It wasn't a complete waste of time though as I found a picture of Billy Brown, playing someone called Nate Leahy. Close enough I thought.