Chairman - Kevin Vernon LIPF

I joined BPIC in 2013 after completing a City and Guilds in Photography with the hope that I would develop and learn to take better photographs. The supportive and talented folks in BPIC have ensured that this has happened. As a casual photographer the opportunities provided by the club through its rich and varied programme never fails to generate enthusiasm and reducing the fear factor that holds many of us back. I look forward to helping the club and especially its new members enjoy a successful and enjoyable season.




Vice Chairman - Lionel Mitchell LRPS

My first interest in photography came about when I was still at school. So a just few years ago! I was intrigued with the whole process from capturing the image on film through to seeing the print come to life in the developer bath. My interest grew, but competing pressures meant that I was only able to practice my photography on a casual basis for many years. It was around 2010 when I started taking my photography seriously again. I completed an line course to try to bring my knowledge up to date, took some local workshops and so on, and in 2014 joined BPIC. The support and encouragement gained at the club gave me the inspiration and confidence to apply for my first distinction, the LRPS which I achieved in 2016. I have also recently completed an HND in photography which I was very happy to pass with distinction. The 2018/19 season will be my first season in an officer role in the club and I am very much looking forward to contributing in whatever way I can.




Treasurer - Michael Byrne LIPF

I joined BPIC in September 2012 and I am very much a novice photographer. I have learnt so much over the past year from the friendly folks at BPIC. They have not just taught me things I didn't know, but pointed me in the right directions to learn new things to help improve my photography.  I was very proud to win the coveted Photographer of the Year (Novice) trophy in the 2014-15 season, and am looking forward to another great season this year.




Secretary – Mark Davison

I have always had a general interest in photography, keeping my camera on hand for Christmas, summer holidays and children’s birthdays.

I joined BPIC in September 2011 and it took a full two years to realise how much I didn’t know but since that time I have gleaned tips from the club members, guest speakers, critique nights and club outings.

The members are incredibly helpful and sociable and willing to share their knowledge and experience with everyone.



Committee Member & Outings Officer - Kate Thompson LIPF

I joined BPIC in 2014 after being encouraged to do so by some of the people on my GCSE course in Photography.  My photographic journey began with a £1 Kodak Brownie camera my Mum bought me at a fete when I was about 8. I still have it!  I am currently doing my Level 3 City and Guilds and working towards my L Panel in September. I’ve found the club members really friendly, helpful and encouraging.  There is never a week goes by that I do not learn something and I’ve learn so much more at BPIC than I’ve ever done at any course!  It’s also great to have people to go and photograph with, who bring difference experiences and knowledge. I am currently using a Fujifilm XT1 and a Canon 5D miii I enjoy travel and landscape photography.


Committee Member - Damian McConville

















Committee Member - Matthew Canning LIPF

Art and the ability to create images has been in my blood since childhood, when paper was my film and a pencil my camera. In 1987 photography for me became real when my mum bought me a 110 film camera for Christmas. I could never recall asking for a camera but my mum just knew I needed one. With only 24 frames and a price tag to match for film development I learnt to focus on photo composition and subject matter whilst photographing family, floods and countryside landscapes. With the 'long exposure' of time and a desire to learn, grow and develop as a photographer I joined BPIC in the Autumn of 2015. BPIC have provided me with more knowledge than I could have ever garnished on my own, with access to quality guest speakers, practical studio, outdoor and post processing events and not forgetting the experience and knowledge of our members in all things photography. To date I have obtained two NIPA starred images and my Licentiateship Distinction from the Irish Photographic Federation 'LIPF'. All made possible with the support and encouragement of BPIC which I am forever thankful.



Competition Secretary - Steven Pratt

I have always had a keen interest in photography, snapping away here and there. I purchased my first DSLR in 2012 for a trip to NYC and I haven’t looked back since. I joined BPIC in September 2015 and would class myself as a novice photographer. My time with the club has been very enjoyable. The members of the club have been very welcoming and I feel I have come a long way, due to the expertise within the club. All members are very keen to provide guidance and I feel a valued member of the team. Great Support, Guest Speakers, Practical nights, plenty of outings and trips with likeminded folk, have you set at ease, no matter where you are on your photographic journey. I feel privileged to have been asked to serve on the committee for this coming year and look forward to the challenges this will bring in shaping our club. I would encourage all abilities to come along and see what BPIC can offer you.




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Committee Member - Brian Maguire LRPS

I joined BPIC in September 2011 and found that membership of such a dynamic and friendly club immediately boosted my interest in both photography and post-processing, giving me the confidence to apply for LRPS accreditation in 2013.  I love taking photographs both alone and as part of an organised group, and my current cameras are a Nikon D800 and a Fuji X-T2.  I'm constantly learning but (worryingly) constantly forgetting too…  The best thing about being in a club like BPIC is seeing the huge improvements made by many of our novice members every year.