NIPA Competition Instructions

Instructions for entering NIPA Inter-Club Competition Rounds  

(Updated August 2017)

As soon as the selection night for a NIPA round has taken place there is no reason why members cannot submit images for the next NIPA round in that season.

Members can submit 2 colour prints, 2 mono prints and 2 PDIs (mono, colour or a mix).

If you are a member of more than one camera club you cannot submit images through both clubs.  Please speak to the Chairperson if this applies to you.

If your image has been previously selected by the club and submitted to NIPA for a round, it cannot be submitted again.  However if you have previously submitted your image to a NIPA round and it was NOT selected to go forward as a club entry to NIPA, there is nothing to prevent you from resubmitting the same image to a subsequent NIPA round.

Prints and PDIs should not be watermarked in any way.

The following procedures will be strictly adhered to in the interests of fairness to all members.



•    All prints must be to a maximum 30x40cm size to include mounts if used.

•    Using BPIC standard mounts the usual printing size is 8x12in or A4.  

•    Members can use a different aperture size if they wish e.g. letterbox, square etc.

•    All prints must be labelled to the top right of the reverse of the print.  This also indicates the orientation of the print for display purposes.

Labelling of prints must include:
o    BPIC
o    NIPA Round #
o    Title of Image
o    Photographer’s Name
o    Category (Advanced/Novice)

Prints must be submitted to the club by 7.40pm on the relevant selection night.

•    PDIs must be sized to a maximum of 1600px (length) x 1200px (height).  Any image which does not match the above pixel dimensions will be displayed with a dark grey border

•    PDIs must be submitted as JPEGs.  

•    PDIs must be in sRGB colour space.



PDIs must be labelled as follows:

BPIC_NIPAR#_<Title of image>_<photographer’s name>_category (advanced/novice)

For example: BPIC_NIPAR3_FanadLighthouse_BMaguire_Advanced

PDIs must be submitted to by 8.00pm the Tuesday before the selection takes place.  

Please keep abreast of communications regarding NIPA competitions which are issued via Facebook and/or to the email address provided.


Linkage to POTY

The NIPA rounds are linked to the BPIC photographer of the year (POTY) competition.  The scoring system which will count towards POTY is as follows:

·      A member gains 1 point for taking part in a round regardless of the number of submissions made.

·      The judge is asked to determine the best four images in Novice section.  This top four gain 1 point each.

·      The judge is asked to pick the top Novice image.  This image gains a further 1 point.

·      The judge does the same for Advanced.  Top four gaining 1 point each and top Advanced gaining a further 1 point.

·      The judge is asked to select the top four images from the eight already picked.  The top Novice will automatically be in this selection.  From this four the judge will be asked to pick the top image.  This image will earn 1 point.

·      Images that go on to gain a NIPA star will gain a further 1 point.