Resizing Images for PDI

BPIC - Resizing Images for Projected Digital Images (PDIs) using Photoshop

Images must be sized to a maximum of 1600 pixels wide and to a maximum of 1200 pixels (px) high.  Images which exceed these dimensions cannot be accepted for entry to PDI competitions. 


Normally images are resized to the specific size and then saved out as JPEGs.  This means that you are resizing for ‘output’. 

The original (‘master’) file will always retain the original dimensions.  This ensures that should you want to print to various sizes in the future you have retained all of the pixels needed.

 Having saved any adjustments made to the original image, open the image in Photoshop.  Your file may be in RAW, TIFF, PSD or JPEG format.

Make a duplicate image as backup, if necessary.

From the IMAGE drop down menu on the toolbar, select IMAGE SIZE as shown below:

This may vary on different versions of Photoshop but ensure CONSTRAIN PROPORTIONS and RESAMPLE IMAGE are checked.  Also, ensure BICUBIC is set to AUTO if available.  In the example above, AUTO wasn’t an option on this version of Photoshop so BICUBIC (best for smoother gradients). 


In the PIXEL DIMENSIONS area of the window make the following changes:

For a landscape (horizontal) image – set the pixel width to 1600 or

For a portrait (vertical) image – set the pixel height to 1200.

The pixel height/width will automatically adjust to keep the image in the same ratio. 

You should then see a maximum width of 1600px for landscape images or 1200px height for portrait images. 

Check both measurements after you have resized to make sure the width is no larger than 1600 px and the height is no more than 1200 px

 If you were printing the image, you would change the RESOLUTION in the DOCUMENT SIZE section to 240/300 pixels/inch.  However, you do not have to change this for PDIs. 

Click OK.

Save your image out as a JPEG to any folder you wish. 

Images must have a title - they won't be accepted without being renamed in this format:  

BPIC_NIPAR#_<Title of image>_<photographer’s name>_category (advanced/novice)

For example: BPIC_NIPAR3_FanadLighthouse_JoeBloggs_Advanced

The club will notify members of the submission date for PDIs, the naming convention and also how to submit images.