BPIC Photographer of the Year - Round 3

Tonight saw the judging of the 3rd round of the BPIC Photographer of the Year competition.  The subject of this round was Narrative Photography and was a print only round.

There was a fantastic selection of prints submitted making the job of our guest judge Stanley that much harder.

In the Novice category Roger Eager placed first with a maximum 20/20, followed closely by Brian Maguire who scored 19.

In the Advanced category first place was taken by Ross McKelvey with 19/20 and second place want to Karen McCrea with 17.

It was a great show from the club Novice category, with both members scoring higher than their Adcanced counterparts :)

Congratulations to everyone who took part.

Roger Eager


Brian Maguire

Brian Maguire

Ross McKelvey

Ross McKelvey

More images from this round can be viewed here.