Coming Up: 20th Sep - Photoshop/Lightroom

Coming up this week is a hands on demonstration on Photoshop and Lightroom, discussing basic skills and giving advice on improving your photos.

We will be covering the basics - exposure, levels, curves, saturation, sharpening, resizing and much more. Images that will be used on the evening will be supplied to members during the week. If youwant to follow step-by-step during the demonstration don't forget to bring your laptop along. We will also touch on the importance of screen calibration and the use of the Club's very own ColorMunki!

By the end of the evening you should be able to go off and practice on your own photos for the following week, which is Round 1 (OPEN) of our NIPA competition!

We actively encourage all members, old and new, to enter into these rounds and receive feedback from our experienced judges. The judges will offer constructive advice in such a way that will only help to improve your photography time and time again. If you are not comfortable with submitting a print, then why not enter a DPI (Digital Projected Image)? Instructions will be given on how to do this on Thursday.

We look forward to see everyone on Thursday!