Coming Up: 16th May - POTY Round 3

Hi All,

To finish up the season as we have the final round of POTY! The theme is panoramic landscapes and as previously mentioned this can include seascapes, cityscapes etc.

"This will be images shot in an abnormal format to what we are use too. To create a panoramic shot, this is typically done my taking a series of photographs along the same plane and stitching together in post production. For those who may find this a daunting task you can create the same format by cropping in on an image. This round can include seascapes, cityscapes as well as landscapes.

Submissions: This will be a PDI only round with entries uploaded to the website (Link will be provided week prior to round) with images resized to 1400px along the landscape edge."

Please upload your submissions (max of 3) no later than 8pm Wednesday 15th May.


Barry Lau
Vice Chairman