New BPIC Newsletter Launched!

By now all members should have received a digital copy of the new BPIC Newsletter - if you haven't, check your email (including your SPAM folder).

Feedback so far has been very positive - "Cool Newsletter" said one fine upstanding member of the BPIC community.  "+1" said another discerning member, "important club goings on in a bitesize instalment."  "Absolutely amazing" said Rupert Murdoch, "I'm genuinely worried now"  (one of those comments was made up by the way).

So what do you think?  It takes time and effort to put this together so please let us know if it's been worthwhile - can it be improved?  Any suggestions re content and format?  We are very keen for feedback.

Please note that the full newsletter is only available to our members, via email - the front page image below is just a taster!


         Newsletter 1