John Hooton visit to BPIC


Thursday 13 December 2018 saw the return to BPIC of the renowned Irish landscape photographer, John Hooton FIPF FRPS MFIAP. John brought with him literally a car boot full of large prints. He doesn’t project his images and when you see the quality of his prints you can clearly see why. To say that the quality is outstanding seems inadequate. It’s not often that you see, on such a scale, in photographic prints, in one evening, such a range of delicacy and vibrance in colour, softness in mood and sharpness in detail, close up landscape detail and large scale vistas, and truly eye-popping three dimensionality. We knew John’s work was up there, but I think it would be fair to say he managed to exceed our expectations by quite a way.

And that was just the Landscapes! The second half of the evening featured a series of large prints from his latest work, Ireland, The Way We Were. Just fantastic! We were all in awe.

Not only did we get to see John’s prints in close up, glorious Permajet colour, but John’s description of his images and technical insights was not only educational and entertaining but also truly inspirational.

Thank you John Hooton