John Lawell AIPF

We are delighted to be able to congratulate John Lawell on recently achieving his AIPF.

Successful AIPF panel

AIPF panels require a statement of intent from the photographer, here is John's;

Flowers fascinate me. The infinite variety of colour gives each one its own personality as it were.  I have used natural light and a very shallow depth of field to bring out the individuality of each flower.  Focussing on the centre of the flower, I feel drawn into its individuality.  Then the explosion of colours in the flowers  bring me out again from that the core to the surrounding environment. It is this drawing in and sending out again which creates a sense of  movement in the flowers. I often see my granddaughter studying such flowers and she seems similarly absorbed in them when she goes into the garden, only before coming out of that daydream to start picking the petals!

John receiving his accreditation

Congratulations John Lawell AIPF!