John Lawell AIPF

We are delighted to be able to congratulate John Lawell on recently achieving his AIPF.

Successful AIPF panel

AIPF panels require a statement of intent from the photographer, here is John's;

Flowers fascinate me. The infinite variety of colour gives each one its own personality as it were.  I have used natural light and a very shallow depth of field to bring out the individuality of each flower.  Focussing on the centre of the flower, I feel drawn into its individuality.  Then the explosion of colours in the flowers  bring me out again from that the core to the surrounding environment. It is this drawing in and sending out again which creates a sense of  movement in the flowers. I often see my granddaughter studying such flowers and she seems similarly absorbed in them when she goes into the garden, only before coming out of that daydream to start picking the petals!

John receiving his accreditation

Congratulations John Lawell AIPF!

Member Success At East Belfast Arts Festival

We're thrilled to be able to tell you that BPIC member Mel Boyle has had an image accepted from the 500 entries in the  open submission as part of Art in the East Side which is an exhibition in the East Belfast Arts Festival.

The image entitled "Stormonts Illusion" is currently being displayed on a billboard on the Woodstock Road. 

I was looking for an image with a strong refection and linear form that when rotated would create an optical illusion. The trees provide the linear guide towards the building and the leaves floating on the water now appear to be falling from the sky.

The building is small and insignificant within the image, it is the surrounding estate that provides the sensory stimulation. The estate transforms itself from season to season and is used by so many people in East Belfast.

In recent times it has played host to The Queen’s Jubilee Party, the Olympic Flame and even held George Best’s funeral. Maybe the real illusion here is, is this the home of our Government?
— Mel Boyle

Here is the original image

Congratulations Mel! 

Fantastic achievement by BPIC Vice-Chairman

BPIC Vice-Chairman Barry Lau ARPS has had not one but TWO of his images selected for the highly prestigious Royal Photographic Society PortfolioTHREE book.   This is a superb achievement - congratulations Barry!

(please click on the images to see them in their full glory) 

PORTFOLIOTHREE is The Royal Photographic Society’s triennial publication showcasing the best of photography and imaging science associated with The Society over the past three years.

You can read more about PortfolioTHREE here.  

Paul McGivern LRPS

Huge congratulations to BPIC Committee member Paul McGivern whose L panel was successfully recommended today at the RPS Licentiateship Assessments. Paul's panel will now go forward to the Advisory Panel for the seal of approval. 

Collective Spectacle Curated by Northern Ireland Photographic Association

"This group show of selected works offers a variety of interpretations of visual spectacle by a range of Northern Ireland based photographers."

This exhibition comprises of 33 prints and 8 triptychs.

Of the 33 prints a staggering 11 of them are from BPIC members;

  • Brian Bennett - Flowers
  • Helen Weir - Suncatcher
  • Mark Winning - Chasing Pigeons
  • Mark Winning - The Cranes Belfast
  • Mark Winning - The Peace Camp Downhill
  • Mark Winning - Titanic Quarter Belfast
  • Matthew Jeanes - Rough Skin
  • Matthew Jeanes - The Rise
  • Ryan Wilson - Cotopaxi Dawn
  • Stephen Wilson - A Dark Tree
  • Suzi McBride - Ghost Train

Congratulations everyone!

Please take a minute to stop by The Belfast Waterfront and view this exhibition, it is on display until the 29th June. 

This exhibition is part of the 2013 Belfast Photo Festival

Young Artist of the Year

Fantastic news!

Our very own Chairman Barry Lau has reached the final of the Ballymena Rotary Club Young Artist of the Year 2013!


He will be attending a very posh award ceremony this week in The Braid. I hear there is champagne at it (very posh for Ballymena lol)

I am sure you will join me in saying congratulations on getting so far in the competition and wishing him all the best for the awards, we are all behind you!

Good luck Barry xx