Member Success At East Belfast Arts Festival

We're thrilled to be able to tell you that BPIC member Mel Boyle has had an image accepted from the 500 entries in the  open submission as part of Art in the East Side which is an exhibition in the East Belfast Arts Festival.

The image entitled "Stormonts Illusion" is currently being displayed on a billboard on the Woodstock Road. 

I was looking for an image with a strong refection and linear form that when rotated would create an optical illusion. The trees provide the linear guide towards the building and the leaves floating on the water now appear to be falling from the sky.

The building is small and insignificant within the image, it is the surrounding estate that provides the sensory stimulation. The estate transforms itself from season to season and is used by so many people in East Belfast.

In recent times it has played host to The Queen’s Jubilee Party, the Olympic Flame and even held George Best’s funeral. Maybe the real illusion here is, is this the home of our Government?
— Mel Boyle

Here is the original image

Congratulations Mel!