BPIC Photographer of the Year (Advanced) Results

After a ridiculously close contest I am pleased to announce the top three in BPIC’s Photographer of the Year Advanced Section for 2018. But first I need to commend our adjudicator tonight on his great insights and decision- making on such an important night. Donal has contributed significantly to BPIC’s season and we look forward to him doing so next season.

Donal McCann FRPS - doing his thing....

Donal McCann FRPS - doing his thing....

After seven rounds of competition the owner of the Advanced title was settled by only three points. The top three demonstrated their enviable talents throughout the season and showcased some fantastic images round after round.

So without further ado I can announce that in third place is Lionel Mitchell. Lionel scored highly in rounds three and five and made a big impact on tonight’s proceedings. We look forward to Lionel‘s highly valued contributions to the club next season.

In in second place is Matthew Canning. I really do not need to say how highly rated Matthew’s work is and scoring 12 in one round says everything. Matthew’s value to the club cannot be overstated and he pushed the winner right to the last category of the last round of POTYA. Well done Matthew.

The winner of the POTYA 2018 is Brian Maguire.  Brian has sustained the quality of the competition with his stunning images. Brian’s images speak for themselves and what they say is “pay attention”. Congratulations are well deserved.

Kevin Vernon, Vice Chairman and Competition Secretary.