Ciaran Whyte FIPF & Lorraine Gilligan FIPF - Print Presentation at BPIC 10th May 2012

BPIC is proud to announce that on Thursday 10th May, Ireland's newest FIPF recipient, Lorraine Gilligan FIPF and her husband Ciaran Whyte FIPF EFIAP will attend BPIC and display a selection of their Prints. Both are members of Celbridge Camera Club, Dublin, which came 3rd in the FIAP Clubs World Cup last Year.

Lorraine gained her FIPF in November 2011 with a stunning panel of 20 Prints, which will be on display at the Club, and hopefully we will hear about the inspiration, the workflow and the effort required to produce such a quality Fellowship panel.

Ciaran gained the LIPF, AIPF and FIPF in consecutive Seasons. His work displays the beauty of the female form, and his Panel for the FIPF consisted of 20 art nude prints. Since gaining the FIPF, Ciaran has not rested on his laurels, but has strived for International Success in FIAP Photographic Salons all over the World. The number of medals, ribbons, and best author awards he has received in such Salons over a relatively short period of time, is testament to his standing as one of Ireland's top photographers.

BPIC is delighted to welcome both of the Fellows to its Club on Thursday 10th May 2012. Visitors welcome from other Clubs. Admission is Free.

In the meantime, here is a selection of work from both Lorraine Gilligan FIPF and Ciaran Whyte FIPF: