13th Sep - Basics & Distinctions

Last night was the first proper session of the this season and we kicked things off with a packed session.


Karen McCrea gave a great presentation on the basics of photography.  For those that are still struggling with the juggling act you might find this cheatsheet useful, it's a handy resource for your camera bag and was found here.


Donal McCann  FRPS then gave a fascinating talk on distinction panels, specifically RPS and IPF distinctions.  We were treated to a selection of club members who displayed and discussed their distinction panels;

  • L Panels: Helen Weir   LRPS & Melissa Gordon  LIPF
  • A Panel: Brian Bennett  ARPS
Brian Bennett discussing his A panel

Brian Bennett discussing his A panel

Brain's ARPS Panel

Brain's ARPS Panel

Next up Jim Moreland   FRPS FBIPP talked about the RPS and Fellowship panels.

Finally Ross McKelvey  ARPS DPAGB BPE2 discussed PAGB and FIAP distinction routes.


Here is a handout detailing RPS assessment dates throughout 2012/2013.  


The Committee would like to extend its thanks to everyone that helped to setup and clear away the room.  As you can see, with such a large turnout that help is invaluable in ensuring that we kick off and finish in good time.  There'll be plenty to do throughout the year and we'd ask that people pitch in as and when they can.  Thank you.

Success at Athlone

Fantastic results from Martin Courtney AIPF, Melissa Gordon LIPF, Jaime Valente LIPF and Dermott Sweeney LIPF, registered under Imagemakers who were successful on Saturday 19th May 2012 at Athlone. Commiserations to David Donnelly, Ryan Wilson and David Reid at their attempt of the LIPF and also to Ross McKelvey who bravely attempted the FIPF.

Well done to everyone for their hard work and efforts. Images of the panels are due to appear over the next few days.

Jaime Valente Panel


Dermott Sweeney Panel


Ciaran Whyte FIPF & Lorraine Gilligan FIPF - Print Presentation at BPIC 10th May 2012

BPIC is proud to announce that on Thursday 10th May, Ireland's newest FIPF recipient, Lorraine Gilligan FIPF and her husband Ciaran Whyte FIPF EFIAP will attend BPIC and display a selection of their Prints. Both are members of Celbridge Camera Club, Dublin, which came 3rd in the FIAP Clubs World Cup last Year.

Lorraine gained her FIPF in November 2011 with a stunning panel of 20 Prints, which will be on display at the Club, and hopefully we will hear about the inspiration, the workflow and the effort required to produce such a quality Fellowship panel.

Ciaran gained the LIPF, AIPF and FIPF in consecutive Seasons. His work displays the beauty of the female form, and his Panel for the FIPF consisted of 20 art nude prints. Since gaining the FIPF, Ciaran has not rested on his laurels, but has strived for International Success in FIAP Photographic Salons all over the World. The number of medals, ribbons, and best author awards he has received in such Salons over a relatively short period of time, is testament to his standing as one of Ireland's top photographers.

BPIC is delighted to welcome both of the Fellows to its Club on Thursday 10th May 2012. Visitors welcome from other Clubs. Admission is Free.

In the meantime, here is a selection of work from both Lorraine Gilligan FIPF and Ciaran Whyte FIPF: