A First for BPIC

Congratulations to Helen Weir who has successfully been recommended for the Licentiateship of the Royal Photographic Society on 20th May 2012. Helen is the first female member of BPIC to be awarded with such distinction. Well done!

Helen's hanging plan of her submission:


Success at Athlone

Fantastic results from Martin Courtney AIPF, Melissa Gordon LIPF, Jaime Valente LIPF and Dermott Sweeney LIPF, registered under Imagemakers who were successful on Saturday 19th May 2012 at Athlone. Commiserations to David Donnelly, Ryan Wilson and David Reid at their attempt of the LIPF and also to Ross McKelvey who bravely attempted the FIPF.

Well done to everyone for their hard work and efforts. Images of the panels are due to appear over the next few days.

Jaime Valente Panel


Dermott Sweeney Panel


Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society

I'm absolutely delighted to announce that one of our members has been recommended for his Fellowship of the Royal Photographic Society on 10th May 2012. The panel will be presented to the Distinctions Advisory Board over the next few weeks who will ultimately have the final say over the judges unanimous decision.

The panel presented can be viewed below:

Donal McCann FRPS Panel.jpg

Donal McCann FRPS

Congratulations Donal!


Club Chairman