Coming Up: 7th Nov - Studio Night with Members

An exciting night ahead at the club.  This week will see the ever popular studio night with the club members as models.  This is a great opportunity for members to interact and get to know one another whilst taking photos at the same time.

Don't forget to bring your camera gear along.  We have several lighting stations available.  If you have any props that would make great photographic interest, feel free to bring them also.



Coming Up: 17th Jan - Studio Night with Barry Lau ARPS

Hi All,

Coming up this week is a hands on demonstration studio night with myself, Barry Lau ARPS.

We will be shooting a professional signed model Sarah McQuillian and this will be the perfect opportunity to get an overview of the full setup and how I work on a typical shoot.

I aim to cover everything from equipment used such as different lights and modifiers. Then show different setups and discuss how to direct the model to capture the various different looks.

You will then have the opportunity to put my demonstration into practice by photographing the model on your own so remember to bring your camera gear!

I understand that these kind of nights can be very intimidating. Especially when you feel under pressure when trying to work out settings etc. So please feel free to ask any questions throughout the night.



Coming Up: 18th Oct - Studio Night

Hi Everyone,

This week is our first studio night of the season. It will be the perfect opportunity to get a hands on approach with studio lighting as well as the opportunity to ask any questions about any topics you may be struggling with.

Instead of bringing in a professional model we will be shooting each other! This is a great way to meet and chat to other members and get comfortable taking shots in a studio environment.

Feel free to bring along any props or items of interest to make your photograph that bit different - Hats, scarfs, glasses etc.

I look forward to seeing you there!